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Ram Team T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 (2x8GB) - Buss 3000

Đứng thứ 7 trong Top 100 sản phẩm bán chạy nhất tháng này.

  • Thương hiệu: Team Group
  • Loại: memory, ram
  • SKU: Chưa rõ

Tại Đồ Chơi Tin Học: 5,000,000₫

✓Mã/Model:TEAM T-Force Delta RGB✓Xuấ txứ:Chính hãng✓Bảo hành:60 tháng✓Tình trạngmới 100% Product SpecificationsITEMSPECIFICATIONSeriesDELTA RGBModule Type288 Pin Unbuffered DIMM Non ECCCapacity4GBx2 / 8GBx2Frequency240026663000Data transfer bandwidth19,200 MB/s(PC4 19200)21,300 MB/s(PC4 26600)24,000 MB/s(PC4 30000)CAS LatencyCL15-17-17-35CL16-18-18-38Tested Voltage1.2V1.35VDimensions (mm)146.8(L)x7(W)x49(H)WarrantyLifetime...
Tiêu đề
  • Giao hàng
    Giao hàng
    Có giao hàng nội thành TP. HCM (Đối với hóa đơn trên 300K).
  • Sản phẩm
    Sản phẩm
    Cam kết chính hãng 100%
    Phát hiện hàng giả đền 200%
  • Đổi trả
    Đổi trả
    Đổi mới trong vong 07 ngày
  • Hỗ trợ
    Hỗ trợ
    Hotline: 028.22499777
    Thứ 2 - 7: 08:00 - 20:00
    Chủ nhật: 08:00 - 18:00

Chia sẻ

✓Mã/Model:TEAM T-Force Delta RGB
✓Xuấ txứ:Chính hãng
✓Bảo hành:60 tháng
✓Tình trạngmới 100%


Product Specifications

Module Type

288 Pin Unbuffered DIMM Non ECC


4GBx2 / 8GBx2

Data transfer bandwidth

19,200 MB/s
(PC4 19200)

21,300 MB/s
(PC4 26600)

24,000 MB/s
(PC4 30000)

CAS LatencyCL15-17-17-35CL16-18-18-38
Tested Voltage1.2V1.35V
Dimensions (mm)146.8(L)x7(W)x49(H)
WarrantyLifetime Warranty
DELTA RGB 570x350-01

Pursuing the perfect revolution

Team Group T-Force gaming series once again released the all new luminous memory module – DELTA RGB. The R on the heat spreader represents Revolution, and also stands for creative concept with an uncompromised spirit. The heat spreader is built with lighter, thinner and high quality metal material. The colorful light changes make the hollow “R” on the front even more stereoscopic, and echo the ultra wide angle luminous area. The extraordinary Revolution will provide players a new experience never seen before.

Full color, dazzling and 120° ultra wide angle force flow lighting effect

DELTA RGB is using full color, dazzling RGB LED lighting with force flow effect. Like a Jedi holding the lightsaber, players can be invincible in the gaming world. T-FORCE LOGO is like a warrior’s badge, standing still in the changing lights. The full frame, 120° ultra wide angle luminous area at the top emits colorful bright light. The color of the light changes smoothly to provide players an unparalleled visual feast, no matter it is day or night.

DELTA RGB 570x350-02

DELTA RGB 570x350-03

Asymmetric minimalist design

The one piece, geometric line design makes the heat spreader looks simple but energetic, and the Cubist style in the new art movement is also presented, which is a perfect combination of technology and aesthetics. The embossed lines on the surface not only increase the heat dissipation area and also effectively enhance cooling of the memory module, so the quality of the operation can be finely stabilized.

Support T-FORCE Blitz(Beta version) control or Asus Aura Sync

DELTA RGB has full color synchronized changeable lighting effect. Through the T-FORCE Blitz (Beta version)of development for Team Group Exclusive only or function of ASUS Aura Sync, the lighting effect can be synchronized to the system. After synchronization, there are up to 8 types of built in lighting effects available. In addition, users can change the settings manually according to personal preferences. Personal style can be created and displayed to experience the trendiest, cool and eye catching colorful effect.

*T-FORCE Blitz driver (Beta Version) is available on TEAMGROUP website , or can be downloaded from the product page of DELTA RGB

**This product will support T-FORCE Blitz control or Asus Aura Sync; however, it will need future update from Asus to be functional.

DELTA RGB 570x350-04

DELTA RGB 570x350-05

The transmitting performance can be greatly increased with JEDEC RC 2.0

Using the latest customized JEDEC RC 2.0 circuit board to increase the distance between the power layer and the signal layer. Compared to ordinary memories, the transmitting signal is raised by 35%. There will be no interference between the power and the signal, and gets better performance. It completely releases the transmission of memory module, and offers players the ultimate sensation of overclocking and a highly stable overclocking memory module.

XMP2.0 1 step overclocking technology

DELTA RGB series support Intel XMP 2.0. It is only one step away to experience the high speed sensation of overclocking.

DELTA RGB 570x350-06
DELTA RGB 570x350-07

Ultra low working voltage Save energy up to 40%

With low working voltage 1.2~1.4V from DDR4 DELTA RGB , it is not only energy saving but it can also reduce the temperature and the heat generated to offer the high speed running memory a stable and long time operation.

QVL approved by motherboard manufacturers

Multiple compatibility verifications with mainstream DDR4 motherboards to make sure its stability with all motherboards on the QVL(Qualified Vendor List). Therefore, you wouldn’t’ have to worry about compatibility issues when purchasing high speed memory.

DELTA RGB 570x350-08

T-Force is Team Force , TF. The RED T represents Team Group with its decades of accumulated passion and position in storage products, as well as the Black F is the Force of Team Group's combined knowledge and over 18 years of research and development in Storage Segment.

T-Force, TF, spread the Wings and Fly is the Logos schematization of TF. The simple message of the spreading spirit of TF wings, fly high and fast with the force in Team 

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