Motospeed V60 RGB - 5000 DPI


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✓Mã/Model:Motospeed V60 RGB
✓Xuấ txứ:Chính hãng
✓Bảo hành:12 Tháng
✓Tình trạngmới 100%

Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse with RGB Backlight 5000DPI

Beat the rival in the games accurately and quickly in the games, this Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse will be your best partner to bring you powerful performance. 
Adjustable DPI will improve your level, and LED light makes your night more fantastic. 
The mouse's grip accommodates any type of hold a player prefers, making it suitable for all types of video games. 
Like most of the gaming mouses, this gaming mouse comes with dedicated customization software, you may change the functionality of the buttons to design your own mouse. 
Personal tweaks make all the difference. Customize a special mouse that feels just right for you. 

Features at a glance: 
- Adjustable 8-level resolution, provides 500 / 800 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000DPI 
- With colorful LED lights on the bottom 
- Supports 7 programmable buttons, makes your own special mouse 
- With rubber scroll to give you added control 
- Provides 20 million click times 

Perfect gaming partner 
With the 8-level adjustable resolution, which is up to 5000DPI, zero smoothing or filtering for consistent responsiveness and control at any speed, switches quickly so that you will make a great performance in games. With a cool appearance, LED light makes you have a wonderful gaming enjoyment 

Make more special 
The bottom of the mouse uses aluminum alloy material, with a colorful lamp circle, makes it lighter in the dark. Supports 7 programmable keys, you may make a basic setting, advanced setting, breathing LED setting, customizes whatever you like and to do a one of a kind mouses 

Advanced optical sensor 
Adopts PMW3325 optical sensor, gets maximum tracking accuracy from our most responsive optical sensor. Exclusive optical sensor technology minimizes mouse acceleration and increases reliable targeting

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